Philosophy & Me

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Fueled by Yoga (formerly Bodhi Wellness) Philosophy
We are blessed to inhabit the most beautiful machines on the planet: our bodies.  And doubly blessed with the ability to harness energy of the most powerful operating systems: our minds and brains.  To accomplish great things, to operate with good self-efficacy and live the most compassionate lives we can, there needs to be synergy between the three (and four, counting the spirit).  The body, mind, brain and spirit need to journey toward functioning as ONE unit and this yoking is called yoga.  Yoga and meditation are the dedicated practices and paths to discovering the one true nature, the Self.

Honor your own path of contemplation and discovery; and accept with it, all the habitual stories you’ve systematically subscribed to, the shadows you’ll uncover and the wrong turns you’ll take throughout the process.  Through this and together, we learn it fills us to support others as they walk, one step at a time, on their own journey toward a calm body, surrendered mind, lively brain and compassionate spirit.



To guide asana practices that relieve physical congestion and heal long-held emotional trauma within the body.  To transform the physical body from an instrument of pain to one of vitality.

To incorporate pranayama and the breath as powerful tools in harnessing internal prana (energy), calming the mind, providing relaxation, lowering blood pressure, operating on a less reactive level and yoking the mind and body as one.

To honor meditation as a practice that unlocks the door to stress reduction, better moods, a lighter and more empowered state of being and deeper levels of non-attachment from ‘stuff’ that doesn’t serve us.

To serve others by celebrating where they are. Support them void of ego and judgment throughout their journey of yoga, contemplation and discovery.

Heather Hested – owner

About Me                                                                                                                           I AM a child of the ’70s and love all things groovy.  Maybe, that’s one reason why I’m drawn to yoga and meditation as tools to help find a personal groove in life that makes this time here the sweetest it can possibly be.  Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation help me build a solid foundation to meet and flow with the demands, burdens and stresses of daily life.  Not 20 but here are 7 questions and the answers to them that tell you a bit more about me:

1.     What brought me to yoga:
The simultaneous feelings of stillness and vitality experienced on the mat keep me coming back day after day.  Teaching yoga is sharing the process of self-discovery and healing with others.  Yoga can be very physical with pretzel-like postures (asanas).  But, there’s much more to the deep dive.  Come practice with me and let’s begin to reveal the power of connection, awareness and transformation that yoga is.  BTW, we’ll practice in a way that has you sticking with this until you’re 108yrs.

2.     Favorite yoga book:
The Art of Happiness by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  Simple steps but, so hard.  Yet when we let go – truly, surrender to the moment, compassion and love, the feelings are such sweet joy.

3.     What feeds my soul:
Engaging with loved ones, sunlight, travel, entertaining in my home, art in any form, looking out at the water whether it’s a lake, river or ocean, connection, imagination and possibility.

4.     Favorite guilty pleasure:
Banya 5, vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies from PCC and admittedly, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or New York.

5.     Who and what influences my teaching:
The young at heart, my yoga teachers including newly found Molly Lannon Kenny of The Samarya Center, celeb-yogis like Seane Corn and Janet Stone for their voices and messages, children and anyone who volunteers influences me.  Our existence is about connection and service to one another. I strive to teach a practice that allows students to find their most loving selves both on and off the mat.

6.     What’s on my yoga playlist:
Depends on the day and my mood.  Ranges from Adele and Florence and the Machine to Jack Johnson and Ben Harper to the world beats of Issa Bagayogo and alternative tunes from Thom Yorke, Goldfrapp and The xx.  Possibly pop from the likes of Jesus Jackson and R&B from MC SOLAAR, Jay-Z and Usher.  PS: The request line is always open!

7.     Favorite quote:
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain