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What People Are Saying 

After over 30 years of tattooing and martial arts training, I had some serious pain in my hands.  I had carpal tunnel in both hands and a serious bone spur from an untreated injury.  Bodhi Wellness gave me the relief and freedom to work and train at my regular pace.  I can't say enough or express the gratitude I have! 

- Erik

I have had 3 cervical surgeries and a lumbar surgery.  During this, I have been fortunate to have been treated by several very talented and skilled practitioners.  Katie Kops is one of the best acupuncturists I have experienced.  A big part of her success is that she listens, and is genuinely interested in helping find the root of the pain and always tries different approaches to help alleviate the pain.  While others just go through the motions and ignore where the pain is, Katie has found many sources of pain that others missed.  I am fortunate to have found such a skilled acupuncturist that actually helps me.  

- Isaac

I’ve had the honor of knowing Dr. Katie Kops for the past year and a half. She is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in so many areas and always takes the time to listen and help alleviate any pain you have! When I have a hard time explaining a pain - she is able to describe it spot on! She truly always puts her patients first! Katie is a true miracle worker! She is an amazing person all around and I am extremely blessed to know her!

- Stephanie 

Great intuition, wonderful touch.

- Ron 

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